Pearl Makeup is the Latest Beauty Trend and It’s Elegant AF

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As we all know, the Internet can get pretty creative when it comes to makeup, and although it can sometimes turn out to be an absolute disaster, sometimes beauty looks that wind up going viral are actually quite stunning. Well, good news, because makeup artists on Instagram are now incorporating real pearls into their looks, and we’ve got to say… we’re loving it!

If you ask us, the best part about using pearls when creating a new makeup look is that you can experiment with different sizes and placement so that each look is unique! Look at this one, for example, which shows a variety of pearls adorning this model’s eye. So pretty!

We told you it’s beautiful! Of course, some makeup artists also experimented with using pearls over their eyelids as you would with eyeshadow, and TBH, it looks just as elegant if you ask us! See?

But why limit it to just eyes, ya know? Well, at least that’s what this makeup artist was thinking:

Actually, how about the whole face? After all, you can never have enough pearls!

Okay… so maybe there is a limit, but still, as long as they’re used sparingly, we’re SO here for the pearl makeup trend! Are you?