25 Breathtaking Times Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin Were Relationship Goals

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Instagram (@4thandbleeker)

Instagram (@4thandbleeker)

There are celebrity couples and then there is Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin a.k.a. #Weskin. Considering how they’re absolutely gorgeous, ridiculously talented and the stars of two of the BEST shows on television, they are pretty much everything we’ve ever needed in life. And although they don’t comment on their romance publicly (and if they do, it’s always indirectly), they do like to chronicle their time together with precious Instagram shots and hilarious tweets.

Join us in reliving all the instances in which Paul, 32, and Phoebe, 26, proved they were the cutest couple ever (via public posts to their official social accounts, of course — no creepy paparazzi pics here), and gave us new relationship goals to strive towards:

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