15 Fun Facts to Know About Midnight Sun Cutie Patrick Schwarzenegger

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Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s name has been everywhere recently and, honestly, we’re not complaining. The young actor is making waves with his new movie Midnight Sun, in which he acts opposite Bella Thorne. Although you’ve definitely heard his name before — hello, he dated Miley Cyrus! — chances are you don’t know a lot about who he actually is, you know? Patrick’s last name brings in a crowd, but he’s finally starting to make a name for himself and we are so ready for him to have his own time in the spotlight.

Midnight Sun is the newest romantic movie to hit theaters and we are so happy with the reception it has been getting (mainly from fans of co-star Bella Thorne). Patrick plays the lead and love interest in the movie and does an excellent job bringing the story to life — so much so, we couldn’t help but fall for him. We obviously needed to know everything about him ASAP and figured that you all would want the info, too: