7 Bad Lessons We Learned From The Parent Trap

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Watching The Parent Trap is a childhood right of passage; It’s just something you have to do! But no matter how great the movie may be, when you sit back and really think about it, it actually teaches kids some pretty bad lessons. Like, forreal — the entire film is about two tweens who switch lives with each other in a plot to get their parents back together. Um, what? Before you bite our heads off — we LOVE the movie — we’re just facing facts here people! Not every lessons from TPT was a good one…

1. In the case of divorce, separate twins and hide them from each other. Because that’s totally logical…



2. If you severely deceive your parents you won’t get in trouble for it. Nick and Elizabeth were annoyed at Hallie and Annie for about .2 seconds even though they, ya know, literally pulled off the biggest lie of history.

3. Make up crazy lies and switch lives with someone. Never mind their parents’ reactions — choosing to live as someone else is like, illegal!

4. Gamble at summer camp. Pretty sure this almost guarantees you getting kicked out.

5. All divorced parents will get back together if you force it. Nick and Elizabeth’s love story is beautiful, but let’s face it — it’s so unrealistic!

6. Be horrible to your potential step parent. Yes, we know Meredith was horrible in her own right, but unleashing a lizard on her?! That’s a big no-no.

7. Pierce people’s ears using everyday household items. Ummm, is that apple sanitized?