11 Parent-Child Pairs That Actually Won an Academy Award

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It’s no secret that certain traits run in families. Maybe you ended up with your mom’s athleticism or your dad’s widow’s peak, but we all can point to something specific that was passed down to us by our parents — and it isn’t always something we love. But these celebs don’t have anything to complain about because they’ve got talent running through their veins. Although we know that there isn’t an “acting gene” that gets passed down from one generation to the next, there’s clearly something in the water in some cases.

That’s because these stars have Academy Awards spread throughout families. Can you imagine? As if it already wouldn’t be incredible enough to win an Oscar on your own, watching your son or daughter — or even grandson or granddaughter, in some cases — go on to do the same thing has to feel absolutely unreal.

But you know what else it does? Puts a LOT of pressure on the next generation on deck. Good luck, guys!