10 Halloween Movies That Will Make You Crap Your Pants

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It’s nearing our most dreaded weekend of the year: Halloweekend! And no, it’s not ’cause we’re terrified of the little Trick-or-Treaters knocking on our doors, or watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown — we actually look forward to those things! But this is the time when all our worst nightmares literally come back to haunt us either on TV or at the Halloween sleepovers we just have to attend.

But if you truly wanna get into the Halloween spirit, we’ve picked 10 of the scariest, most chilling flicks that’ll make you crap your pants!

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1. Paranormal Activity (1-3)
It’s crazy that these movies cost, like, no money because these flicks scared the bejesus out of us even with the low quality special effects. Freakin’ demons.

2. Scream (1-4)
We didn’t think it was possible for the Ghostface Killer to scare us for a fourth time 15 years after the first flick. We were wrong.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
You probs understand what it’s about, even if you’ve never seen it. A deformed guy slaughters everyone with a chainsaw. But then he feeds ’em to his family! The fact that this is actually based off a true story is vom-inducing.

4. Saw (1-6)
Okay, so we’ll spare you the torture (just this one time) of having to look at the creepy little ventriloquist doll with targets on his cheeks that’s in these flicks. Knowing that a dude uses techniques to basc make you kill yourself is torture enough.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street
Nowhere is safe. Especially when you’re asleep. Freddy Krueger uses a glove armed with razor fingernails to kill you in your dreams! Yup. There will be no sleeping this weekend.

6. The Exorcist
We don’t know what’s the scariest part. When Regan crawls backwards down the stairs, twists her head all the way around, or just her face in general…

7. Friday the 13th
We understand why Jason (the creepster below) goes crazy. (He witnessed his mother’s murder after all.) But the fact that he takes it out on a bunch of kids 30 years later is just plain psycho.

8. Halloween
Trust us, this is NOT the same Mike Myers you’ve heard in the Shrek flicks. It’s Halloween though, so you have to watch his killing spree.

9. Hostel (1-2)
If you’re about to head on vacay to another country, DON’T watch these movies. They’ll make you never wanna leave your town again.

10. Chucky (Bride of…, Seed of…, Revenge of…)
Lock up all your toys, ’cause even they have the potential to be your worst nightmares.

Have you seen any of these flicks? Did we forget a really terrifying movie? What’s the scariest one you’ve ever seen? We kinda don’t wanna know, since we’re already crapping our pants, but you should tell us anyway.