7 Painting Hacks You Def Need to Know if You’re Looking to Redo Any Room

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It’s hard to believe but yes, fall is almost here! The upcoming season is our favorite time of year, TBH, so it makes saying goodbye to summer vacay a little more tolerable. The weather is still nice, the fashion is supreme and the pumpkin spice lattes are in season. And with fall comes time for redecorating. It’s the perfect time to throw things away, buy a whole bunch of new stuff and try out some new trends, which occasionally requires you to roll up your sleeves and whip out the paint cans.

Whether it’s your bedroom walls, a new cabinet or another piece of furniture, sometimes you just need to change up the colors in your life to really feel like you did something. But for most people, painting (no, not your nails) is not second nature. Sure, it may seem like you just have to slap some color on any surface, but it’s actually way more difficult than that. But no worries! With the help of these creative, awesome hacks, you’ll be painting like a pro in no time.