5 Overshadowed Younger Siblings Who Deserve More Attention

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Everyone seems to have that one friend who overshadows you no matter what. As an only child, I really can’t imagine how irksome it would be if that person was your sibling! But these celebs all have brothers and sisters who are in just such a predicament, constantly overlooked in favor of their more famous family member. Take a look at this list and tell me who you feel the most sorry for!

Kylie Jenner
Poor Kylie. It’s bad enough having five siblings to compete with, but they’re also the most attention-hungry family on planet Earth. The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has her heart set on being a model, but so far her big sis Kendall seems the one poised for stardom on the catwalk. Kylie doesn’t even get her own website — she has to share with Kendall! Should Ky try to find a new career path… or a new family?


Elizabeth Olsen
Mary-Kate and Ashley‘s little sis is finally getting her own share of the spotlight, but can you imagine what the last 20 years must have been like? She was (and still might be) forever known as “That other Olsen,” even thought I think she’s way more talented than MK and Ash when it comes to acting. I mean, did you see New York Minute? Ugh, that’s 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.


Dave Franco
Every girl seems to swoon over James Franco — admittedly I’ve had my own “interlude” with him, he’s kind of whateverish — but who knew he was hiding such a hot little brother?! I feel for Dave in Charlie St. Cloud and now he seems to be coming into his own with a big role in 21 Jump Street< . Could Davey boy eventually eclipse his over-achieving big bro in the hotness department?

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>Stella Hudgens
Seven years younger than big sister Vanessa, Stella is trying to become an actress in her own right — without Baby V’s help. But after nearly ten years on the acting scene, her biggest role has been in (shudder) According to Jim. Should Stel just settle for being Vanny’s plus one to all the hottest parties and quit while she’s (sort of) ahead?

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Noah Cyrus
Two years ago — at just 10 years old — Miley‘s little sister made waves for her uncomfortably sexual dances to “Smack That” and “Tik Tok,” which she proudly put on YouTube. I have a feeling that Noah’s time in her sister’s shadow is going to end when she hits puberty — this un-famous sibling is already itching to get her fare share of the limelight.


Do you have sympathy for these often-overlooked brothers and sisters? Or would you love to be that close to fame, without all the stress? Which one do you think will end up eclipsing their family member?

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