9 of the Most Overrated Teen TV Couples

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Most of us love our favorite TV shows for the plot and the characters, but let’s not kid ourselves: Shipping — pairing off characters — comes into play, too. In fact, when a show’s plot goes down the drain and the characterization heads south too, shipping might be the only saving grace we have when it comes to enjoying an old favorite. But how many of you have had to end up shipping characters who weren’t even together on the show because the show’s official pairings drove you up the wall? Or, there are those TV couples that everyone and their dog seems to fawn over, but you’re just sitting there like, “Uh, hard pass.”

There are so many TV couples out there who are vastly overrated, especially on teen TV shows which have a tendency to try to make us swoon over some of the most problematic dynamics ever. Like, why the hell did Gossip Girl attempt to convince an entire generation of girls that Chuck and Blair were an adorably dysfunctional couple? ‘Yikes’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. But without further ado, check out these nine overrated teen TV couples. You might love some, you might hate some, but we’d argue that they’re overrated all the same.

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