8 Super Overrated Teen Movie Couples

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Don’t you hate it when a movie pushes a couple that makes you want to puke?

At least when it comes to a TV series, there’s a possibility for that couple to break up on the next season, giving the characters the chance to meet the people they should be with and leave you feeling satisfied. But a movie is finite, and unless you’re about to whip out your laptop and write some fan fiction, you’re pretty much out of luck. Every time you watch the movie, you have to suffer through the 90+ minutes spent selling the pairing to you, and perhaps a lifetime of friends, family, fandom and media outlets fawning over said couple. Meanwhile, you’re looking around like everyone has absolutely lost it.

Are you missing something? Is there something everyone is catching onto you that you can’t see? Honestly, probably not. Just like anything else, our opinions on fictional couples differ, and a pair that makes everyone else fall head over heels might make you roll your eyes into oblivion. And, if it makes you feel better, if you dislike any of these eight overrated teen movie couples, I totally agree with you:

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