14 Overnight Hair Hacks That’ll Make You Wake Up with Perfect Curls

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There is nothing worse than hitting the snooze button a million few times, groggily rolling out of bed, looking in the mirror and realizing your hair is a complete disaster. You can’t go to school looking like Cousin Itt, but you also don’t have time to do much more than throw your locks up in a messy bun or boring ponytail. Does this sound like a familiar scenario to you? Well, not for much longer…

Just like you can create the perfect curls without using any damaging heat tools, you can also make luscious, voluminous waves by just — wait for it — sleeping. Yep! Follow these easy hair hacks before you go to bed and you’ll wake up with celebrity-approved curls!

1. Cut up paper towel rolls, wrap your hair around them, pin in place and go to sleep. You’ll wake up with big, beautiful, bouncy curls!

2. Sock buns are a great way to get your hair out of your face, but they’re also super useful in making overnight curls:

3. Soft rollers are your best friends when trying to get defined curls overnight.

4. French braids + Princess Laia twists= curly hair with a TON of awesome texture.

5. Remember those paper towel rolls you used before? You can also use the actual towels to create a headband that you wrap your hair around in order to make curls:

6. For SUPER curly hair, make two tight pigtail braids. Curl the ends and secure ’em in place with bobby pins so you don’t have any weird kinks.



7. There’s nothing worse than sleeping on freshly curled hair and waking up to a mess! Preserve your hard work by throwing your hair into a loose bun before you hit the hay.

8. These tight-twist buns may work for little girls’ hair, but they’ll also do wonders for yours, too!

9. Don’t have any hairspray? Use lemon juice to help your curls stay all day:

10. There’s a reason why pin curls have been popular for DECADES…

11. Have a bunch of old ripped-up stockings laying around? Don’t throw them away; you can use them to create pretty waves in your hair!

12. Simply make two pigtail twists, pin them on top of your head, go to sleep, and wake up with soft waves!

13. You can wear this wrap-look all day and night and wake up with curls the next morning!

14. Slip a sock over each twisted bun if you have a problem with you hair getting frizzy in the morning:

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