8 Life-Changing Hacks That’ll Get Rid of Your Pimples Overnight

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Everybody gets pimples, even celebrities who people ASSUME are ***flawless. Whether you’re the kind of person who only gets zits occasionally, or suffer from acne more frequently, you know that WITHOUT FAIL, pimples love to make an appearance before a big event. Going to prom? ZIT! Have school pictures? PIMPLE! *SMDH*

Fear not, all you zit-havers. We have some incredible hacks that will make a pimple disappear overnight so you have glowing skin on a special day.

1. This hack is great for when you’re running out the door and want to quickly diminish the look of a zit, but also works wonders overnight:

2. We know the thought of putting honey on your face is kinda gross, but trust us — it’s great to get rid of zits!

3. Advil is great to get rid of headaches AND pimples:

4. Lemons are acidic, so you can kinda see why their juice is a great natural way to dry out a zit.

5. If you want to witness magic, just put a slice of potato on your face before you go to bed and see what happens when you wake up in the morning:

6. This trick works in a matter of minutes, but can also be done overnight for maximum results:

7. People swear that essential oils are the cure for a ton of ailments, so you know there’s a concoction that’s supposed to remove pimples overnight:

8. To make this baking soda-water mixture work to its full potential, it’s essential that you go to bed with coconut oil on your face. The paste will dry out out pimples and the oil will moisturize your skin so you wake up looking flaw-free:

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