Ouija Board Makeup Will Give You All the Halloween Inspo You’ll Need

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We know it’s only mid-September, but LBR, Halloween will be here before we know it. And if you’re like us, you simply need to be prepared. Well, if you’re still debating what you should dress up as and you’re tired of the skeleton makeup look that’s gone viral over the last several years, we highly encourage you to step up your game a notch with the Ouija-board makeup trend.

While this trend has become increasingly popular on social media ever since beauty influencer James Charles tried it two years ago, not many people have dared to do it themselves. NGL, the details are pretty intricate, so if you’re not particularly gifted when it comes to applying makeup, we totally understand why you would opt for a Halloween look that’s a bit more… simple.

However, for those who are confident in their makeup abilities, we think that this year, Ouija board makeup is the way to go. Scroll through to see some amazing examples and get some Halloween inspo for yourself!