Orlando Brown Gets Tattoo of Raven-Symoné’s Literal Face on His Chest

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That’s So Raven co-starss Orlando Brown and Raven-Symoné used to be thick as thieves, but their relationship is…complicated, to say the least. The 30-year-old claims that he and the 32-year-old were romantically involved in the past and that she aborted his baby.

He says their tumultuous past is the reason why he wasn’t asked to join the cast of the show’s spinoff, Raven’s Home, so you’d THINK he wouldn’t be the actress’ biggest fan at the moment. Key word is ‘think,’ because the rapper/actor decided it would be a good idea to get a tattoo of Raven’s literal face on his chest.

The ink is a depiction of RS when she was a young actress starring on The Cosby Show.

“She’s far off into another land, mentally, to where she made a decision that she felt was better for her,” he said of Raven not asking him to join the Disney Channel reboot. “If she thinks that that’s what she wants to do then I love her still and I’m still in love with her and she’s running from the D.”

What was he thinking?!