One of Your Old-School Disney Faves was Arrested for Drugs — AND Abuse

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Former Disney Channel stars have faced their fair share of scandals over the years, but perhaps no one is more stupid than Orlando Brown. The 28 year old who played Eddie Thomas on That’s So Raven was just arrested for possession of drugs and hitting his girlfriend in — wait for it — the parking lot of a police station. WHAT THA–

TMZ reports that someone saw the ex-Disney guy arguing with his girlfriend in his car and subsequently called the cops. Because the pair was already in the freakin’ station lot, police were able to stop the altercation before it went too far and Orlando’s significant other was not seriously injured. But while you’d think the actor would comply with cops after already acting quite foolish, he allegedly refused to get out of his vehicle and it took quite some time for authorities to actually get him into jail. Once they did remove him, they found that he was carrying methamphetamine. Yeeeeep…

The funnyman was charged with “misdemeanor domestic battery, obstruction of justice and two felonies — drug possession with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail.”

But this is definitely not the first time Orlando has had a run-in with the law. Back in 2013, the actor was sentenced to 180 days in jail for a 2011 DUI charge. Then, about a year later, he took a plea deal and was fined for threatening to kill a woman and her family. We got a real winner here, people!

Where are they now? The cast of That’s So Raven:

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