YouTuber Comes Out as Bisexual by Posting Steamy Makeout Photo with GF

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On December 30, 2012, YouTube star Orion Carloto tweeted, “No I’m not bisexual I’m straight haha.” More than four years later, however, that same YouTuber posted a series of pictures that showed her making out with Brittenelle Fredericks (who we now know is her girlfriend) with the caption, “My dream girl.”

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So, what’s the truth? The 20-year-old clarified fans’ questions in a YT video called “MY NOT SO SECRET, SECRET.”

“I am somebody who identifies as a bisexual woman,” she explained. “That just basically means I like both women and I like men and there’s nothing weird or strange about it. I have officially been out of the closet for three years now.”

Orion first came out to her best friend when she was just 18 years old, but then didn’t tell anyone else about her sexuality for “an entire year.”

“It wasn’t until last year that I was completely, just unbelievably, comfortable with who I was and I was very sure of who I was. I let my family know; I let all my friends know. Last year was the year I was really able to find myself.”

But even though the brunette told basically everyone in her real life about her sexuality, she was still worried to come out online because she “kinda [does] give a f*ck about other people’s opinion.”

The girl eventually decided to open up about liking both men and women on social media so she could break the stigma that surrounds bisexuality and be someone those who are struggling with their sexuality can turn to for advice. Love it!!

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