8 Orange is the New Black Stars Who Auditioned for Other Parts on the Show

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There are a ton of reasons why fans are in love with Orange is the New Black: it’s funny, honest, real and, of course, has a killer cast! It’s almost impossible to imagine different actors playing these now-iconic roles, but the current stars definitely aren’t the only options they had when they were casting the series.

The cast could have been way more than a little different. Of course, like with any show, casting directors brought in a bunch of people to read for the roles, and some of those people actually ended up getting cast for parts that weren’t even on their radar! When you think about it, this makes sense. A casting director might bring you in to audition for one role and then, after having you read the script for that part, realize you’re actually better suited for another role. Ah, the marvelous world of Hollywood casting secrets!

So which OITNB stars actually auditioned for other parts on the show? Keep reading!