10 Facts About Orange is the New Black That Will Leave You Shooketh

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As soon as Orange is the New Black premiered on Netflix in 2013, it instantly became a fan-favorite. What’s not to love? The drama, the plot, the awesome cast — it’s no wonder the show has been renewed for so many seasons! The first episode aired over 5 years ago (!!!) and the series has grown so much since.

With such a fun cast like the one that OITNB has compiled, it makes sense that a lot happens behind the scenes that we never get to see. There’s so much to know about the show, especially if you’re gearing up to watch the sixth season when it’s released on July 27 (so soon!!). If you’re anxiously awaiting the premiere like us, then you’re probably going back and binge-watching old episodes. But if you really want to be prepare for season six, here are 10 facts that you absolutely need to know: