8 Opening Acts Who Are a Bigger Deal Than the Headlining Artist

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If you’ve ever been to a concert before, then you know that most of the time, an opener is used to get the crowd ready for the main act and in exchange, they get a little bit more visibility and possibly earn some new fans. Opening acts are often no-name musicians, but sometimes the person or people pumping up the audience is ALMOST as big of a deal as the person taking center stage later that night. For example, Little Mix currently performs right before Ariana Grande on her Dangerous Woman Tour — and they kill it, but Ari’s 98.1 million Instagram followers would have something to say if we called them “more famous.”

But that’s not to say it never happens! Sure, the ticket sales stay the same, but it can be kind of embarrassing to see people leaving the show before the artist whose tour it is goes on stage!

Check out the gallery below to see which eight bands actually opened for an act that they are much more popular than. Warning, some of these just may be a little ~controversial~. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below or by @’ing us on Twitter!