10 Problems Only An Only Child Would Understand

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There are many perks to being an only child: You don’t have to fight for your parents’ attention; with so much time to yourself, you’re able to have a bigger imagination; you’re independent… You get it. But with every positive, there’s always a negative. And that’s what we’re here to chat about today. If you understand the following ten problems, then that’s a surefire sign you’re an only child.

1. Playing alone. Possessing a wide imagination is great and all, but sometimes you just want someone else to run around the backyard with or play house with or beat at video games. There are only so many times you can beat the computer before you stop patting yourself on the back.

2. There’s no one around to place blame on. You can deny everything all you want, but when Mom and Dad ask who broke that ol’ vase in the hallway, you’re the only one around to point fingers at. Sorry, kid.

3. Sharing can prove to be quite difficult. When you’re alone in your bedroom, everything is yours, yours, yours. Your toys; your books; your dolls… So when it comes time to playing with others, the idea of ‘what’s yours is mine’ is kinda preposterous in your mind.

4. All your family holiday cards are just of you… awkwardly posing. “Look how happy I am… by myself.”

5. You only have ONE closet. Girls with sisters always brag about how it’s like having two wardrobes. So jealous!

6. Your family’s future rests in your hands (among other parts of you). This may not seem like a major worry to you now, but just you wait — come the holiday season in your twenties/thirties, everyone will be asking about your future plans because YOU’RE THE ONLY HOPE OF THE FAMILY’S CONTINUANCE.

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7. Everyone assumes you’re a spoiled brat. “Oh, you’re an only child. Now it all makes sense.” Umm, RUDE.

Wikia (Rugrats)

Wikia (Rugrats)

8. No built-in best friends. Guess you’ll have to find your maid of honor the old-fashioned way… by making nice with others.

9. You get all the attention, therefore, all of the over-protection. It’s great that you don’t have to fight for the spotlight and all, but at the same time, it’s hard to make mistakes and, you know, just be a kid when you’re at the receiving end of ALL of Mom and Dad’s worries and disappointment.

10. “Do you think you’re the reason your parents didn’t want to have anymore children?” …Well, NOW I do.

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