YouTube Star Tries to Chain His Ex to Basement Wall for Smoking Weed

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Onision‘s romantic life has always been a bit confusing for people, but the 31-year-old seemingly made it work. Here’s a general rundown — when the YouTube star’s spouse came out as bisexual after they got hitched, he encouraged them to explore their sexuality by finding a girlfriend. Laineybot eventually met fellow YouTuber Billie Dawn Webb and started dating her, which eventually led to a bit of a love triangle when Onision and BDW hooked up without Lainey’s knowledge.

While the trio’s relationship isn’t “normal,” all parties involved seemed content with the arrangement. But then Onision found out that the 19-year-old smoked marijuana on New Year’s and immediately broke up with her, because it violated the rules of their previously established dating contract (yes, this is real thing). After the man decided he missed Billie and wanted her back, however, he gave her a few options to earn back his trust and get back together:

1. Get chained to his basement wall for a week with a sign around her neck that said, “I’m sorry for lying.”

2. Make a video publicly stating that she’s sorry for lying to Lainey and wants her back.

3. Stop seeing any illegal drug users (including her family members who occasionally smoke pot) for an entire year, with the exception of holidays.

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. F*CK?!!?!?!?!? We can’t. We truly CAN’T. The amount of manipulation being used in this situation is extremely disturbing and Onision needs to face consequences for his actions immediately.

The teenager made an entire video addressing her ex’s abusive actions and pleading with him to leave her alone from hereon out. You can watch the whole thing below:

Onision was just one YouTube star who got caught in a cheating scandal: