OneRepublic Spills On Their Fave Love Songs of All Time! (Exclusive)

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We know what the dudes of OneRepublic will be doing this Valentine’s Day — serenading their fans (and girlfriends?) with their fave love songs. Ever. How romantic is that? And even though you probably won’t be spending the day of love with a real, live famous musician, we’re giving you the next best thing — OneRepublic’s list of their top 10 fave love songs ever. These songs are more classic than, say, a Justin Bieber tune or a Michael Buble love song, but, trust us, they’re just as good.

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So click on to check out the band’s EXCLUSIVE Valentine’s Day playlist picks!

1. Barry White, You’re The First, The Last, My Everything
How could we NOT have at least one BW track on our list?! Along with his notoriously sexy lyrics and delivery, the strings in this song should make any human being dance, at least a little.

2. The Beatles, And I Love Her
Fellas, if you want to make an impression on your woman, throw pebbles at her window and serenade her with this song. If it doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell ya.

3. Ray Charles, You Don’t Know Me
At one point, we have all been in love with someone who doesn’t seem to return our affections and it feels like they don’t even know us. This goes out to all of the unrequited loves in 2011. It’s still a good song to dance to though.

4. Magnet, The Day We Left Town
To us, this song is all about love against the world. There’s nothing more romantic than that.

5. Rascal Flatts, Bless the Broken Road
I’m pretty sure this is the most popular wedding song aside from canon in D! The broken road is what sifts out untrue love.

6. Coldplay, Warning Sign
This is an honest song. Maybe this is the right song for you to serenade with.

7. Ray LaMontagne, Hold You In My Arms
Ray could sing about a dump truck and it would sound romantic. However, this song is purely romantic, and there’s no mention of a dump truck.

8. Mike Posner, Please Don’t Go
Sometimes, romantic moments pass by too quickly.

9. Garth Brooks, You Move Me
A beautiful song written about divine love.

10. Bob Dylan, To Make You Feel My Love
One of the best songwriters writing about a love that’s willing to prove itself any way possible.

What’s your all-time favorite love song? Tell us below!