17 Times One Tree Hill’s Nathan Scott was So Sexy He Made You Drip Sweat

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One Tree Hill’s Nathan Scott is known for being one of the most romantic TV characters of all time. And while we’re OB-SESSED with all of his swoon-worthy moments, we have to be honest with ya for just a sec — Nathan Scott (aka James Lafferty) is pretty effing sexy, too. Like, did someone turn up the heat? ‘Cause we’re S W E A T I N G. Yeah…that hot. Here are some of his steamiest moments:

1. When he he was a cocky little mofo:

Degrassi Wiki

Degrassi Wiki

2. When he participated in the boy toy auction:

3. Annnnd again:



4. Annnnd one more for good measure:



5. When he admitted his sexiness while IN THE EFFING BATHTUB!

6. When he took a shower:

7. When he celebrated a win with a sexy fist pump:

8. When we got two Scotts at the price of one:

9. When he embraced what it meant to be a Raven:

10. When he was a romantic prince:



11. Whenever Nathan and Haley kissed in the rain:

12. When he tested out his baseball skills:

13. When he held his daughter:

14. When he rocked the heck out of a suit:

15. When he defended Haley from Chris Keller:

16. When he wore a cape for Jamie:

17. And when this happened:

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