All the WTF Fan Theories That’ll Make You Freak Out About One Tree Hill

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One Tree Hill will probably go down as one of the most unrealistic teen television dramas of all time. Not only was it full of bad lessons — like getting married in high school is a great idea and if you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, everyone will get over it shortly after — it was totally bizarre. (Remember when Dan’s new heart was taken… by a dog?! ’cause, yeah, that happened.)

Nevertheless, we can’t help but look at it (particularly Nathan Scott) with fondness. That’s why we went on a mission to find out all the fan theories surrounding the WB-turned-CW TV series. And, boy, are they really… somethin’:

1. Season 9 = Hell. Like, literal HELL. “There was an ominous undercurrent to everything that happened,” said one TV critic after the S9 premiere. “The opening montage of tragedies, the open doors, the constant references to devils and sleep, the isolation of the characters, it all created a mood of foreboding.”

This, to him, begged the questions, “What if the final season of One Tree Hill isn’t entirely real? What if the show is literally in Hell, as Nathan’s opening narration suggested, or just some strange metaphysical limbo akin to Lost‘s final season’s flash-sideways?” Whoa.

2. Dan Scott had another illegitimate child: Chris Keller. There’s a Reddit user who believes that Lucas isn’t Dan’s only child born out of wedlock. “Chris pursued Haley to mess with Nathan and slept with Brooke to do the same to Lucas,” the user pointed out. “But maybe finally meeting Dan made him decide to stop (playing with the half-brothers). ”

“Also when [Chris] met Dan,” the user continued. “Dan said he reminded him of himself and made a joke asking if he knew his mother.” Hmm…

3. Jamie is Lucas’ kid, not Nathan’s. Even Chad Michael Murray couldn’t look past the likenesses between Jackson Brundage and himself! He said during an interview, “I have always said, ‘Dude, that’s my kid. Where the hell was I 10 years ago?'” Haley, working her way through the Scott brothers.

The One Tree Hill gang is far from innocent. Here are at least six characters who cheated on their significant other: