6 One Tree Hill Characters Who Cheated on Their Significant Other

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Is One Tree Hill the most effed-up teen television show or what? Gossip Girl and The Secret Life of the American Teenager could probably give it a run for its money, but there are a whole lot of arguments that could be made for the CW drama. Its worst lessons include promoting teen marriage as a fantastic idea, never calling 911 and, of course, cheating with your girlfriend’s best friend is okay if it’s done out of love.

Brooke Davis would, obviously, not completely agree with the whole cheating thing, but she did, eventually, forgive her boyfriend for hooking up with her lifelong bestie… twice. Gotta love that Brooke Davis, especially since she’s basically the only character on the series who never cheated on her significant other (besides Peyton, but we are so NOT Team Peyton). The same can’t be said for these OTH characters: