What The?! One Direction’s Zayn Malik Wears an “Eff You” T-Shirt!

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Oh. My. Gaw. Zayn Malik is ending One Direction’s Summer 2012 concert tour on a low note, we guess? Right before the final show of the “Up All Night” tour in Florida yesterday, the hot Brit wore a shirt with expletives all over it. And since we so cleverly blocked the word out with our ridic Photoshopping skills, we’ll tell you what the shirt says: “Eff You, Have a Nice Day.” And unlike Justin Bieber’s scandalous tee, which had foul-mouthed lyrics from a Cee Lo Green song on it, Zayn’s shirt didn’t have the letters bleeped out of the “F” word. We can’t even say it for realz because we don’t want to get in trouble.

So, Directioners, what do you think? Is Zayn making a statement by rocking this shirt — maybe an “eff you” to the paparazzi or something — or is he just wearing a tee shirt and it’s NBD and we should leave him alone? And is this t-shirt more attention-grabbing than his new microphone tattoo? Check out the full body pic below:



And one last question — since One Direction has young fans, is Zayn sending a bad message? We gave you our two cents — now it’s your turn to chime in in the comments!

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