One Direction Announce New ‘Take Me Home’ Album Pre-Order Date and Cover Art

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If Liam Payne’s birthday wasn’t enough excitement for this week, Directioners everywhere have something else to rejoice over — you can pre-order One Direction‘s second CD, Take Me Home, starting September 3rd. Yes, as in three days from now.

Annnnd like that announcement didn’t give you butterflies, the guys have also just-released the official cover-art from the CD on Facebook, which is over there to the left. We love it, but, we have a prob. Why is Niall hidden?!

In the band’s newest video, the 1D guys confirm that although the album won’t be released until November 13th in the US (bummer), you can jump on the ordering train early and get your virtual-hands on a copy before it’s released in stores! And in other One Direction news, as if the guys weren’t already taking over the world via new music, a movie and multiple VMA noms, it was just announced that the band’s lives will be immortalized as cartoon characters in the comic book, “Fame: One Direction.” According to the creator of the comic, the story will start with the boys’ first performance together on The X Factor and lead up to their current super-success. Sounds intriguing if you ask us!

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