Watch The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction AKA the Longest 1D Fan Fiction Ever!

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one direction cartoon 2Okay, we know you’ve been dying to see One Direction’s Niall and Zayn in only their underwear, and now you can –well, kind of.  When Mark Parsons, an animator on FX’s Archer, decided it was time for 1D fanfiction written by a guy (rare, we know), he came up with this hilariously adorable cartoon of our favorite British dudes.

In addition to the shirtless cartoon scene, the story has the guys taking on Charlie’s Angels-esq roles with Simon Cowell as their very own Charlie.  We love the exaggerated accents and the fun facts (mostly about Harry’s 4 nipples and love for tacos) that occasionally pop up, and the guys’ sarcastic humor is definitely represented perfectly.

Although the video is 99 percent funny, it wouldn’t be a fanfiction without some added drama.  After Louis and Harry get into an argument over reading a map, the two guys decided to — wait for it — go in two directions (pun definitely intended).  Try not to worry too much, though, because our fave part of the video is toward the end when Harry serenades Louis with a clip of “Gotta Be You” as an apology.  Check out the vid for yourself to see this and tons more 1D action.

What do you think, directioners?  Is the video funny or offensive?  Would you want to see a 1D cartoon made in real life or should they just stick to music?

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