12 One Direction Songs You Forgot Were Written by Other Celebs

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One of the biggest reasons why we love One Direction is for the band’s talent. Like, yeah, they’re not so bad to look at. But, mostly, we applaud the guys for being able to write, record and perform their own music time and time again.

Of course, they don’t get all of the credit for writing their own music. In reality, we know that they get a lot of help. Sometimes, when the stars align especially well, their songs are written by OTHER celebrities. Celebrityception, if you will. Prepare to have your minds blown, fellow hashtag Directioners. Here are 12 1D songs you didn’t know were written by other celebs. Or, if you already had an inkling, prepare to have your minds RE-blown, as you remember all of these famous songwriters who helped out along the way:

1. “18”Ed Sheeran lent his songwriting mastery to this song on the boys’ fourth album, aptly titled Four.

2. “You & I”Jamie Scott rose to fame AFTER writing hits like this one for 1D. But he’s got fame of his own to speak of these days.

3. “Tell Me a Lie”Kelly Clarkson had a hand in helping the boys out musically all the way back in the Up All Night days.

4. “Little Black Dress” — Remember Teddy Geiger?! One Direction sure does, since he’s written this song for the lads!

5. “Little Things”Ed Sheeran was also behind this absolute gem, which you may or may not know he wrote as a freakin’ TEENAGER.

6. “Midnight Memories” — Jamie Scott also deserves cred for this song, which they ended up naming their entire third album after!

7. “Over Again” — One has to wonder how Ed Sheeran is able to write so many flawless songs for himself and for 1D. Who can think of this much song material?!

8. “I Want”Tom Fletcher (of McFly) wrote this jam for the band, which we suddenly WANT to go listen to. Sorry. We’re sorry.

9. “Night Changes” — It almost seems like Jamie Scott is behind 1D’s biggest hits. Crazy, innitt? (That’s our fake English accent.)

10. “Moments” — We and the boys have Ed Sheeran to thank for writing this, the saddest song in the world.

11. “Right Now” — OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder has got songwriting credz on this song AND producer credits on the album it comes from.

12. “Story of My Life” — Did we mention that Jamie Scott also wrote this hit? Goodness, guy.

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