6 Times the One Direction Guys’ Sisters Threw Shade at Haters on Social Media

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Although it’s been only a few months since One Direction began their hiatus, it has felt like years decades since we’ve seen our favorite British boys singing together. But just because we haven’t seen Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam on stage for quite some times doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all the drama that came with being Directioners. You know who else hasn’t forgotten the dramz? The boys’ sisters.

The female counterparts to the boy band members are no where near famous (well, technically), but they still deal with their fair share of hate. It can’t be easy having millions of people constantly scrutinizing your brother’s actions, so it’s understandable that sometimes they just simply couldn’t hold back. Although responding to hate isn’t always the best idea, it definitely gets your point across. From sub-tweeting at insensitive celebrities to directly responding to hate comments, we rounded up some of the best shade that has been thrown by a 1D sister.