Simon Cowell Says One Direction Could Reunite, Even If Harry Styles Says No

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Directioners, Simon Cowell has restored our hearts only to smash it into bits and pieces yet again. While we’re all crossing our fingers and holding out for a One Direction reunion in the near future, Simon basically gave those who were losing hope something to live for.

In an interview with The Sun, Simon opened up about the boy band that holds the keys to our hearts and the possibility of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik — YES, EVEN ZAYN — getting back together again.

When talking about the band reuniting, the father of one said that Zayn could “100%” return to One Direction in the future. Simon then went on to explain his hopes for the boy band’s future. “You know, it’s fun being out there on your own, but what I hope is going to happen is that they remember now how much fun it was being in a group. I always believe you don’t make the rules, you break the rules,” Simon said. “So there’s nothing to stop them, if they want to, getting together for a tour, for an album. I made it absolutely clear, obviously, ‘We’re in.'”

Okay, now is the time to get all of those happy screams out because things kinda-sorta took an interesting turn after that comment. In the event that not all of the members would want to come back, like, say Harry, for example, the 57-year-old said that the band could always reunite without Hazza.

HOWEVER, Simon told the British outlet that a 1D reunion without Harry “wouldn’t be the same.” Well, of course it wouldn’t be the same, Simon! That would be like *NSYNC reuniting without Justin Timberlake. Or Destiny’s Child getting back together without Beyonce! Or… you know what? We’re just going to stop before it gets way too out of hand.