According to Harry Styles’ BFF, One Direction is Over For Good

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Bad news, Directioners! We know that you’ve been waiting patiently in hopes that One Direction will announce some sort of reunion someday soon. Unfortunately, you may be waiting a while — like, forever — because according to Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw, it’s simply not in the boys’ future.

That’s right, y’all! On yesterday’s show, the 33-year-old flat out said that he doesn’t think 1D will ever grace the stage together again, and of course, hearts of listeners everywhere were absolutely shattered.

After playing One Direction’s hit song “Drag Me Down,” Nick said, “When we started this show they were all together as a five-piece. Do you think they’ll ever get back together? No, not a chance. It’s not happening, is it?”

One Direction no reunion Nick Grimshaw

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Normally, a statement like this wouldn’t concern fans, but considering the fact that Nick and Harry Styles are good friends and have even been the subject of romance rumors, they fear that he may actually have the inside scoop. In other words, maybe the British broadcaster knows more than the rest of us and the boys actually AREN’T planning on reuniting. Like, ever.

At this point, it’s too soon to tell whether or not there was any truth to NG’s words, though. And, if we’re being totally honest, we’d much rather let our little Directioner hearts believe that a reunion is possible. After all, whenever the guys are asked about each other in interviews, they (almost) only ever have kind things to say, so why wouldn’t they want to get the band back together for one last hoorah?

We guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see…