Niall Nails! The Best One Direction Nail Art

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Are there One Direction posters on your walls? Totally normal. Do you own tons of 1D concert merch, too? Been there, done that. Are your nails 1D-themed every day? Wait, whhhhhat? Okay, let’s rewind. Owning posters and wearing band merchandise is totally normal for every fangirl out there, but the newest step in becoming the ultimate-fan seems to require some creativity, a steady hand and some serious patience because these pictures of One Direction nail art are totally mind-blowing.

Let’s take a minute to think about how small your nails are and how detailed some of these creations are — completely genius if you ask us. Check ’em all out below and be sure to tell us your fave. Or, you can totally tweet your own attempts to @teen using #teen1Dnails!