One Direction Removes Tattoo Contest After Underage Fans Beg for Ink

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Twitter (@john_bahel)

Twitter (@john_bahel)

It’s no secret that the guys in One Direction love themselves fresh ink. (See Harry Styles‘ latest addition here.) There’s no issue really; they’re only permanently marking themselves. However, problems between the British-Irish boy band and tattoos arose after a recent 1D contest suggested the following in a tweet and a Facebook post (which have both been deleted): “Have a real 1D tattoo? Show us! Submit a 90-second YouTube video to 1d3dfan@gmail.com and show us why you should be in the 1D3D movie! 1DHQx.”

The number one dilemma with this is that the fivesome has an abundance of fans under the age of 18, so it is illegal for them to get themselves inked up without parental consent. Think the whole ‘underage’ thing would stop dedicated Directioners from asking dear ol’ Mom and Pops? Negative. One fan’s response: “I shall now go beg my dad for a tattoo even though I’m only 13.”

Realizing the ethical predicaments, the One Direction team took down the competition, and replaced it with a less problematic challenge: “Who has the biggest One Direction collection? Submit a 90 second YouTube video to 1d3dfan@gmail.com & show us why you should be in the 1D3D movie! 1DHQ x.” Spokesman Simon Jones adds, “This tweet was posted in error and has now been removed… One Direction do[es] not want to encourage any of [its] fans to get 1D tattoos.”

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