The Funniest Reactions to One Direction’s “Little Things”

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So it should be news to no one that we’re big One Direction fans here at, but even we concede our 1D fangirling in the face of these worthy competitors. They’ve watched/listened to “Little Things,” and recorded their reactions for our viewing pleasure. Do you think Directioners have replaced Beliebers as the most rabid fandom? Watch & see!

This girl’s love is so intense, she immediately has to hug her pillow to dry her 1D-induced tears.

Is she a bad fan for not knowing the exact time “Little Things” was released? Uh, you be the judge. Freakouts, hyperventilating, and hugging of paper magazine cutouts all included.

Classic GloZell. Loving One Direction has no age (or crying) limit!

We’ve all been here.

The best part is the Louis Tomlinson cutout in the background,
an ever-present creepy smiling presence.

So, this is a baby. I mean, maybe it doesn’t count, but… come on.
This song even makes infants take a pause. (Hilarious. And ADORABLE.)

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