Fans Rip Up, Burn One Direction Concert Tickets After Louis and Zayn Marijuana Video Leaks

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While most fans have been supportive after the video of One Direction's Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking marijuana leaked yesterday, others took the shocking discovery to heart. For the most part, those who disagreed with Louis and Zayn's decision simply expressed their opinions on Twitter or Facebook. But, in some extreme cases, a few Directioners went as far as ripping up and burning their concert tickets to the boys' upcoming Where We Are Tour shows. Um, WHAT?!

As expected, these over-the-top measures have garnered some serious hate from other fans who think the people are being dramatic and were never true Directioners to begin with. One of the main arguments being presented is that instead of burning or ripping up their tickets, these girls could have sold or given them away to someone else who wasn't able to obtain the coveted pieces of paper. The excessive retweets, @replies and favorites proved to be too much for @gagationer, who ended up writing an apology TwitLonger:

"I apologize for tweeting that tweet. I was only joking because I was really bored. I didn't know it would get almost 300 retweets… I'm really really sorry for tweeting that. I'm sorry for broke up dreams of people who couldn't get tickets for the Where We Are Tour. I'm not proud of what I did today. If I could only turn back time… Things happen and they happen for a reason. I've learned my lesson. I won't do this more. I'm really sorry and I hope you all can understand me and forgive me."

How did YOU react after you saw the video? Are these fans being way too dramatic or are they justified in their reactions? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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