11 of the Absolute Biggest Oops of 2017… That Happened on Stage!

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2017 was an interesting year to say the least, especially when it comes to on-stage oops moments — and trust us, there were many. Of course, the celebs that made it onto this list probably wish that their little on-stage faux pas never happened at all, but alas, they did, and now they’re burned into our memories forever.

Think of Steve Harvey‘s HUGE mistake at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, for example, when he incorrectly announced the winner as Miss Colombia when it was really Miss Philippines. Yeah… we still can’t seem to forget about that unfortunate mistake. Luckily, many on-stage oops moments happened since then, so even though we’ll never quite get over it, there’s a bunch more where that came from.

Flash forward to 2017, and we’ve got to say, there were a shocking amount of on-stage blunders. Whether it was a slip, a fall, an unfortunate crack of their voice, or an embarrassing lip-syncing moment, these celebrities sadly were the subjects of some humiliating headlines this year, and even though we were able to laugh at some of these moments, others we’d just rather forget as we head into 2018. Check ’em out:

11. When Halsey stopped her show mid-performance.

At the top of our list is Halsey, who just recently stopped her concert smack in the middle due to a “personal emergency.” Fans at her tour date in Calgary had to leave the show early with little explanation as to why until Halsey addressed it directly on Instagram. Honestly, we’re still not sure what exactly happened that caused her to stop the show, but considering she once did a meet-and-greet while hooked up to an IV, we know it must’ve been pretty bad! Overall, we just really hope that she’s okay.

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10. When Harry Styles slipped on a kiwi during his concert.

As if we didn’t already feel bad enough for Harry Styles after he was groped by a fan during one of his concerts, just a short time later, fans in the audience at his London show thought it would be funny to throw kiwis on stage while he sang his song, aptly titled, “Kiwi.” However, it actually turned out to be a little dangerous, with Harry almost completely wiping out after slipping on one! Fortunately, he was able to stabilize himself and immediately laughed it off. Aww, he’s so cute that way.

9. When Normani Kordei fell during Fifth Harmony’s concert in Brazil.

Next on our list is Normani Kordei, because back in October, during Fifth Harmony‘s Brazil tour date, she took a HUGE tumble in front of THOUSANDS of fans. As embarrassed as she probably was, Normani handled the fall like a pro, making a super smooth recovery and continuing to strut her stuff in her sky-high heels. What a BOSS!

8. When Demi Lovato’s voice cracked.

Demi Lovato did a series of release parties to celebrate her latest album, Tell Me You Love Me, including one that we just can’t forget, which was the iHeartRadio release party. When Demi threw it back to her last album to sing “Stone Cold,” her voice cracked BADLY, and even though she laughed it off a bit, she was still definitely frustrated because she managed to utter a few choice words. Yikes!

7. When Becky G stormed Fifth Harmony’s set.

One of the most hilarious (yet embarrassing) on-stage oops moments of the year was definitely when Becky G tried to run on stage during Fifth Harmony’s concert to help Dinah Jane with a wardrobe malfunction. Becky was the opening act on the tour, and when she realized that Dinah was having trouble with her costume mid-set, she was hoping to cover her with an Argentinian flag so that no one would see anything they weren’t supposed to. Unfortunately, security mistook Becky for a crazed fan and they dragged her offstage within seconds. OMG.

6. When Fifth Harmony shaded Camila Cabello during the group’s VMA performance.

Even though Fifth Harmony had a lot of accidental on-stage oops moments this year, there was one that wasn’t much of an accident all! One of the most SHOCKING moments this year happened when 5H performed its hit single, “Angel,” at the 2017 VMAs. At the start of the performance, the silhouettes of five women appeared on stage, but as soon as the beat dropped, one of the silhouettes (meant to represent the ladies’ former bandmate, Camila Cabello) jumped offstage, referencing how Camila jumped ship from the band late last year. SAVAGE.

5. When Ariana Grande fell during her concert in Chile.

As with every year, there are always a few performers who totally wipe out on stage, and this year, Ariana Grande was one of them. While performing her hit song, “Bad Decisions,” at a concert in Chile, Ari went down, and HARD. Don’t worry, though! She was able to make a quick recovery and continue with the show as if nothing ever happened. What a pro!

4. When Normani Kordei fell live on GMA.

As you can probably tell, Normani has had her fair share of falls in 2017, but this one in particular stands out because it happened on LIVE TELEVISION. When Fifth Harmony performed on Good Morning America earlier this year, Normani took a tumble, but as always, she quickly recovered and played it off like it was just part of the choreography. Still, the fall went viral on the Internet. Oops!

3. When La La Land was announced as the winner of ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars.

As bad as all of these moments are, one of the biggest on-stage blunders of this entire year happened at the Oscars back in February, when actress Faye Dunaway announced the winner of ‘Best Picture’ alongside Warren Beatty. Unfortunately, the presenters were handed the wrong envelope and announced that the winner of the award was La La Land, which would’ve been fine except for the small detail that La La Land wasn’t the winner at all! Soon after the announcement, a producer appeared to say that, actually, Moonlight won the award for ‘Best Picture.’ TBH, we’re still shook AF over this enormous error!

2. When Adele cursed on live TV.

Adele was another musician that had a BIG on-stage oops moment in 2017, but hers happened at this year’s Grammy Awards. While performing a tribute to the late George Michael, Adele wasn’t very happy with her performance and felt the need to start again. However, the major oops moment here wasn’t that she started again, but that she cursed on live television when she realized she messed up. Uh oh!

1. When Mariah suffered a lip-syncing fail on New Year’s Eve.

We should’ve known that 2017 was going to be a year of epic oops moments when Mariah Carey totally flubbed her performance on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest. During her performance, Mariah was visibly upset that her in-ear monitors were turned off, and that the track she was supposed to be lip-syncing to didn’t seem to play at all. Why didn’t they just cut to commercials? Well… we’re still not so sure, but we’re still feeling secondhand embarrassment over this.