9 TV BFFs You Didn’t Know Hated Each Other in Real Life

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Over the years you have become attached to your fave TV BFFs and you not so secretly wish you were the third wheel when it comes to celeb best friends. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be besties with Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen? They are so fashionable and love each other when it really counts, so duh they are an amazing TV duo. What’s better than TV BFFs on screen however, are the ones that end up being close off screen, too.

Some TV co-stars even end up being in each other’s wedding parties, which is almost too cute to handle. While some on screen best friends were actually BFFs before landing their roles as friends on the same show, there are many stars that actually dislike their TV bestie. In fact there are a few on screen duos that hate each other in real life. See who they are below and prepare to have your TV world shattered!