7 Stars Who Tried to Come Between an Unstoppable Celebrity Couple

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If you thought dating in your small hometown is difficult, just imagine doing it in Hollywood. Even with the circle of fame expanding all the time, it’s really, really hard (maybe even impossible?) to find a famous person who doesn’t have a lot of relationship baggage. With so many notorious on-again, off-again couples, a celeb would be hard pressed to find a new bae who isn’t somehow still connected to their ex.

Have you ever dated someone, broken up with them and then found out they were back with their former bae? Yeah…that’s literally THE WORST. These famous peeps can relate. We’re breaking down 7 guys and gals who thought they may have found *the one* just to realize that person wasn’t QUITE over their ex-bae. Technically no one did anything wrong here, because 1) the currently on-again couple was broken up at the time and 2) it just so happens that true love always wins…