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The 6 Best Moments from the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

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The Winter Olympics take place in PyeongChang, South Korea this year, and there were a number of epic moments from the opening ceremony. One highlight was when the US Team walked out to K-Pop star Psy‘s 2012 hit, “Gangnam Style”, during the Parade of Nations.

One person commented on Twitter, “That the USA just got to walk in to ‘Gangnam Style’ is making my morning.” While another wrote, “When you’re watching the #Olympics and you hear Gangnam style and you just….stand up and start to dance.”

Thanks for bringing back a classic, Olympics! Psy’s “Gangnam Style” isn’t the only K-Pop song that was celebrated during the ceremony. Many other K-Pop songs were played throughout the festivities, including hits from Twice, Red Velvet and, of course, BTS.

Though it was disappointing that BTS didn’t play live at the ceremony, the group’s fan ARMY definitely approved of “DNA” being played during the Parade of Nations.

One early breakout moment that the Internet was instantly obsessed with was when a random kid went up to an NBC camera that was shooting b-roll… and LICKED IT.

Congrats, kid, you are an official Olympic meme, which is basically like winning the gold medal of the Internet! One Twitter user joked on the moment, “I really relate to this kid who wanted to know what a camera tasted like. Now he has that information and the rest of us don’t.”

One incredibly moving highlight from the ceremony was when four K-pop singers performed an inspiring cover of John Lennon‘s “Imagine” after of the Parade of Nations. Candles formed in the shape of a dove in the middle of the stadium, and the song served as a beautiful call for peace and unity.

Another memorable moment came when Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un impersonators were spotted walking together through the stadium.

They caused such a stir that they had to be escorted out of the event.

Last, but definitely not least, of our favorite moments from the ceremony was when the Tongan flag-bearer Pita Taufatofua showed off his has amazing abs, and walked through the stadium shirtless.

Guys, we’re moving to Tonga!