10 Things to Know About Olympic Gymnast, Jordyn Wieber!

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At first glance, Jordyn Wieber might just seem like a normal girl with an Instagram addiction and love for Justin Bieber like basically every other teenager on the planet. Oh, and, you might just stumble across her ripped arms and six-pack abs. Ya know, no big deal or anything. The fact is, although Jo (as most of her friends call her) likes to believe she’s just a normal teen, she’s a world-champion gymnast who’s currently preparing for the 2012 London Olympics!

With over 50,000 Twitter followers and a few Sports Illustrated covers to her name, this superstar athlete is getting ready to bring home the gold for the USA. Want to learn more about Jordyn including her fave TV shows and biggest splurge-food-addiction? Keep reading! And come back every day at 12pm ET for the deets on the rest of the 2012 US Olympics Womens Gymnastics team!

1. Jordyn started gymnastics at the age of 4 when her parents realized she had bigger musucles than other kids her age and could stand on one foot for a really long time. Kudos to you, mom and dad!


2. Like most teenage girls, Jordyn is a huge fan of Justin Bieber because she loves his music and thinks he’s cute! The fact that their names rhyme is just an added bonus. Her hometown family and friends have even adopted the slogan, “Wieber Fever” to help support her! Check out the screen grab she tweeted recently.


3. Jordyn has 3 siblings: Lindsay, 25, Ryan, 18, and Kyra, 12. P.S., Ryan was the quarterback for his HS football team and is a total hottie.


4. To get pumped up before the World Championships, Jordyn and her teammates watched this fan-made video before every event! Hmm, we wonder if they’ll do the same going into the Olympics? You know what they say — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

5. Typically, Jordyn spends between six to eight hours a day in the gym. We know, crazy, right?! But, even though she’s beyond busy, Jordyn still attends public high school part time and will graduate in 2013 — she even got to go to prom this year! Favorite subject? Science.

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6. Jordyn’s a huge fan of primetime TV, too! Her faves are Glee and Keeping up with the Kardashians.


7. Jordyn is also a huge fan of Taylor Swift thanks to her teammate Aly Raisman! Her favorite song is ‘Enchanted!’


8. As a gymnast, Jordyn has to eat healthy and stay in shape, so she was honored to be featured on Corn Flakes boxes. But, c’mon, everyone’s gotta splurge sometimes! Her choice guilty-pleasure food is Olive Garden because Italian is her fave. Unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks, anyone!?


9. You think the time you almost broke your iPhone was a close call? Jordyn beat Russia’s Viktoria Komova by just .033 to claim the title of 2011 woman’s all-around gymnastics world-champion. Now that’s a close call. Watch all her events from her championship below.

10. Her favorite exercises are beam and vault — the two that are known for being the hardest! So basically, she’s an overachiever.

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