YouTuber Olivia Jade Vlogs the Moment After She Got Into a Scary Car Accident

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YouTube stars often have their cameras ready to record exciting life moments, which means they occasionally catch things that aren’t as great. Olivia Jade Giannulli had just finished vlogging at the hair salon when she got into a car accident on her way home. The 17-year-old wasn’t recording the exact moment she got into the wreck, but she did pick up her camera to document the moments that immediately followed. Sound familiar? Makes sense, since the same exact thing happened to Logan Paul recently.

Lori Loughlin‘s daughter was stopped at a red light in Los Angeles when she “felt a huge boom” and realized that a truck slammed into her from behind. The impact of the crash pushed her car into the vehicle in front of her, so she was basically sandwiched between the two.

“The car that hit me never hit the breaks,” she explained. “He literally just plowed right into my car and my car was the only reason he stopped.”

Luckily, a cop saw the whole thing happen and helped everyone exchange information and move their cars to the side of the road. Olivia was “really shaken up” and her car was damaged, but she decided it would be best for her to continue driving home. As she was on the road however, an off-duty AAA employee noticed that her vehicle was smoking from the back and got her to pull over to prevent it from exploding. The teen’s mom and sister eventually came to pick her up when the car got towed away.

Olivia wasn’t serious injured (thank goodness), but said she was sore and her head hurt following the accident, but she was fully aware that it could’ve been SO much worse.

She continued, “I am so lucky that I am okay and that the other people in the crash are okay, too. It is so scary being in the world and it really put things into perspective for me. I don’t know if the man who hit me was texting or just purely wasn’t paying attention, but please always always look at the road when you’re driving. I promise to never vlog, text, etc. when I drive again because not only could you injure yourself, but you could hurt or kill another person.”

Driving is not a joke and one wrong move can end up being devastating. Be careful, people!

Here’s the full video: