Umm, So We Guess This High School Musical Star Broke Up with Her Hot Bae

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FACT: Nico Tortorella is one of the hottest human beings in the world. Like, look at him and try to tell us any differently — it’s impossible!

But did you know that while you were busy gettin’ all googly-eyed over the 28-year-old hottie ever since you saw him on Younger for the first time last year, he’s actually been in a relationship? Or, at least for the past for months, he has been dating the same woman. And you actually know her: Olesya Rulin. Here, maybe his Instagrams will help jog your memory:

i am love. she is love. @olesyarulin

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It’s Kelsi from High School Musical! So cute. But…

Although he spoke quite highly of her in a recent Refinery29 article posted one week ago, saying, “Mouse, I love you. You and me are the beautiful tortured artists that paint dreams. This Raven still has miles and miles to soar. You know when that one comes along and she inspires you to write? Hold on to her for as long as you can, as long as she lets you. You’re the sorceress to my wizardry but our spells don’t always work on each other. The story of O always will be an epic love story. I’m always and forever on your side. Cheers to that, baby,” we’re a little skeptical of their relationship today.

For starters, they don’t follow each other on Twitter, even though they definitely tweeted each other before, and all her Instagrams of him have been deleted, including an adorable one they took of them putting a padlock on a bridge in Moscow. Plus, she changed the caption underneath this photo:

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It used to say:

But now it simply says, “I love this city.”

Something’s fishy, people.
Olesya’s one of six High School Musical actors who dated at least one co-star IRL: