10 Struggles All Girls with Older Brothers Face

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Oh Brother

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Having an older brother is the best thing ever sometimes. He can open jars for you when they’re closed too tightly; he can be your free bodyguard… But other times, the struggle is really real. And the more brothers that you grew up with, the more these struggles were compounded.

So, let’s have a moment of silence for these ten struggles that every girl with older brothers knows to be true:

1. Getting beat up. And just the general roughly playing that you had to endure for your entire childhood.

Meet The Robinsons Steak

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2. Hiding anything relationship-related. Because they’re annoyingly overprotective.

3. Learning just how deadly farts can actually be. BOYS SHOW NO MERCY.

Thor Why

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4. Leftovers never being a thing. If you’ve lived in a house with at least one boy, you know that they can sense when there are leftovers in the kitchen and will eat them all before you can.

Where's My Mac And Cheese

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5. Having impossible crushes on his friends. But they only saw you as their friend’s kid sister, so you had no shot.

Ron Weasley Swoon

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6. Always being Player 2 when playing video games. Or, if you had other older siblings or guests over, being Player None.

7. Being talked into participating in stupid experiments. “I wonder what happens if you put this yeast-water in your Easy Bake Oven…”

8. Having so many scar stories. You could make a documentary full of you telling the backstory behind your myriad battle scars.

Any Questions

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9. All of your friends liking your brother. Maybe he was actually cute, but it was mostly because he was older and therefore seemingly cooler than all of you guys.

10. Having all of your celebrity crushes made fun of constantly. “NO, HE DOESN’T HAVE GIRL LIPS! Shut up, I hate you!”

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