11 Old TV Shows That Eventually Became Modern-Day Movies

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It’s a lot more common for a TV show to turn into a movie than for a movie to turn into a TV show. This was definitely the case before TV entered the new golden age of sorts that its in right now. Think about it: You have a popular program that has become a cultural phenomenon, so the obvious transition was to transfer that idea from the small screen to the big screen, right? All you had to do was add The Movie to the title! Growing up this happened a ton with kid’s shows — The Rugrats Movie, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie — but also shows that were skewed more towards adults as well, like the X-Files movie or the Sex in the City movies. Hell, entire movies have been produced based on popular sketches in skit-comedies, like Saturday Night Live, which led to Wayne’s Worldm and All That, which led to Good Burger.

But while the aforementioned examples produced movies based on TV shows that were popular at the time, there are loads of movies out there that were created based on TV shows that haven’t been on the air in decades. I’m talking old AF TV shows that your grandparents probably watched. Since the movie industry seems to be keen on ignoring new ideas, it’s not surprising that the industry has relied on revamping classic TV shows into movie gold. Well… sometimes the result is gold; other times, it’s garbage. See for yourself in this roundup of 11 old TV shows that became movies:

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