13 Old School Books That Need to Be Made Into Movies Immediately

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While there are TONS of book to movie adaptations (The Hunger Games — HELLO!), there are some old school books that definitely deserve a turn on the big screen. Speaking of, it looks like Goosebumps will be coming to theaters as actors such as Jack Black, and a number of other stars are set to appear in the movie that’ll be released on March 23, 2016. Though R.L. Stine‘s popular scary book series had a TV show back in the 1990’s Hollywood is rebooting it because that’s all they seem to do these days.

Anyways, if Hollywood is looking to turn more popular old school books into movies, they need to look no further than this post. We’ve rounded up 13 vintage books that should be made into movies immediately if not sooner. Click through the gallery below to see which books we picked!