10 Offensive Characters from Your Favorite Childhood TV Shows & Movies

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This happens to all of us when we get older. We decide to look back on some childhood favorites, you know, stuff we watched back when we were about 8 years old or so. We’re enjoying this little walk down memory lane until… wait a minute… did they just… uh… why is… wait… that doesn’t seem right.

In a flash, all that childhood innocence is gone because you realized that some element of that TV show you watched back in the day or that ol’ Disney movie is super offensive. You wouldn’t have understood as a kid, but now that you’re a little older, a little wiser and a little more aware of how things work in the world of ours, you can’t help but be a little offended. Whether the creators were being blatantly stereotypical or the characters’ behavior is just full of unfortunate implications, one thing is certain: You definitely cringed. You’ve experienced that, right? If you haven’t, then check out these 10 offensive characters you forgot about from your favorite old TV shows and movies:

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