10 Electronics/Gadgets That’ll Leave the Next Generation Saying, “WTF?”

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Happy Throwback Thursday! As per usual on the most nostalgic day of the week (because we all know that Flashback Friday’s not the same), we’re bringing you a blast from the past. This time, to all the electronics or just rando gadgets (excluding toys/games like SEGA and OG Gameboy because that’s a whole different ballgame) that we all knew and appreciated, but are basically obsolete at this point. Follow along as we present to you ten such products from the ’90s (mostly) that’ll leave the next generation saying, “WTF?”

1. Fax machines — Wanna get a document to someone ASAP? This used to be the quickest way possible… until scanners were invented… and then, you know, the Internet.

2. Walkman (portable audio cassette players) — This is what people used to play cassettes tapes. Don’t know what a cassette is? Ask Mom and Dad; they’ll definitely remember how fun those were. *cough*

3. Discman (CD players) — Along the same lines, this was how people played music back in the day post-Walkman — via compact discs.

4. Boombox — Wow, a lot of music players were phased out. Sad.

5. Beeper/Pager — The only people that have use for them anymore are doctors.

6. Landline wired phones/phones with antennae — Anything NOT wireless is considered a major inconvenience nowadays.

7. VCRs — Never will we ever have to see the VHS static of death:

Blogspot (elrobotsrealm)

Blogspot (elrobotsrealm)

8. Dial-Up Internet modem — Ick, like nails on a chalkboard.

9. Film cameras — If pictures are not able to be immediately upload to Instagram, we don’t want any part of ’em.

Anna Jo Beck

Anna Jo Beck

10. PalmPilot (PDA)We barely remember the use for them and we had ’em! Think of a PDA device as the original tablet.

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