We Just Saw Never Say Never, And Here Are the Top 5 Reasons You Should See it Too

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It’s hard for us to write this, since we’re still recovering from being thisclose to Justin Bieber last night at his NYC premiere of Never Say Never. You can’t see us right now, but we’re still hyperventilating, and our Bieber fever hasn’t completely subsided. In fact, it’s higher than ever after seeing the movie. With Justin. Sitting in the theater with us. Oh, did we mention we watched it WITH JUSTIN?!!

Click on for the 5 reasons why you NEED to see Never Say Never (even if the Biebs won’t be accompanying you), and for exclusive play-by-play pics of our night with Justin Bieber!

OK, you need to see the movie because:

1. There’s a slow-mo hair shake shot. SLOW MOTION. His hair! It was just as beautiful as it sounds. And also, it’s just as shiny in person. Thought we’d throw that in there.
2. He’s possibly the cutest little kid ever. Thanks to tons of old home videos taken by his mom and grandparents, we get to see tons of Baby Biebs playin’ the drums, guitar, and being an all-around talented tyke. Adorbs.
3. You’ll feel like you’re there. Literally. From when he takes audience members up on stage and sings “One Less Lonely Girl” to them and only them, to when he’s just chillin’ in his trailer, sometimes shirtless (!), you’ll literally feel like you’re along for the ride right next to Justin. Thanks, 3D.
4. You’ll realize that you’re not the only girl who cries — literally, weeps — over Justin Bieber. The movie shows us tons of Beliebers dressed in Bieber shirts outside his concerts and watching his live shows, saying they love him because of his voice, his body, his music and, duh, his hair. One girl even creepily said, “He WILL be my husband.” Uh, sure he will.
5. It’s inspirational. Not to get all sappy and stuff, but it really will make you feel like you can reach your dreams just like Justin did. We’re reminded over and over again throughout the entire movie that Justin was just a plain ol’ kid from Canada with a dream who eventually made it to sell out Madison Square Garden. Dream big, kids!

Seriously though, we love Bieber more than ever after seeing the movie, and you undoubtedly will too. We don’t want to give everything away, since there’s lots more to the flick, but just go see it. It’s an all-around look at Bieber from cute little baby to major heartthrob, and we can’t wait to see it again. Only next time, we’re bringing lots and lots of tissues.

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