The *NSYNC Lyric Test Only True ’90s Kids Can Pass

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If you were born in the '90s, chances are you were a HUGE 'N Sync fan. Are we right? These guys were everything! We watched all of their music videos, bought their CDs, and saw them on tour. When they stopped making music together our hearts completely broke. We recovered slightly when Justin Timberlake went solo but were weren't 100 percent better until this past summer when the group reunited at the 2013 VMAs! That was epic! We still know every single lyric to every single song!

Now, because we are huge 'N Sync fans, we wanted to make a game dedicated just to the band. We're going to test your knowledge of 'N Sync lyrics with a gallery game! Do you think you know all of the lyrics to every 'N Sync song? Prove it! Show us that you are an 'N Sync expert by matching the lyrics to the correct song. Click through the gallery to see how well you do and let us know your results in the comments! Good luck!